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I began "Living the Pond Life" and started my pond building experiences in 1973 at the age of 13 after my brother joined the U.S.Army. My father informed me that I was to mow the grass, and living in Florida, we all know the grass hardly ever stops growing - creating a never-ending chore! I realized that you don't have to mow water so I asked my dad if I could build a pond in the back yard. Like most folks I needed an expert so I started to build a relationship with Perry Slocum of "Slocum Water Gardens."

As I've worked with Perry's son Peter, and now work with his son Randy of "Slocum's Ponds and Gardens" I've gained the experience and knowledge of how to build, construct and operate just about every variation of pond, water feature and effect that can be made.

In 2003 I became acquainted with a contracting and manufacturing company by the name of "Aquascapes," and seeing how our philosophies and passions ran in parallel with each other, they offered me the opportunity to receive a certification of their products. I followed their criteria and then in 2008 decided to join the Aquascapes team and become one of their"Certified Aquascapes Contractors." On the last day of my certifying pond build in Orlando, FL I was hired as the project foreman of one of the attending companies to take their construction to the next level. Then, last year, I decided it was time for the Pond Monster to be back in business.

Over the years I've honed my skills in construction, engineering and fabrication. I've taken my passion of building ponds and waterfalls to an extreme and have been blessed with a wife who also loves "Living the Pond Life.

From large natural ponds, pouring concrete for formal ponds and rubber liner ponds I've always worked with mother nature and not against her. Just as I always work directly with my customers, listen to their ideas and visualize a finished product that will add beauty, joy and serenity to their lives for a long time. Hopefully our passion can be turned into your enjoyment in your yard so Let's Rock On And Let The Water Flow!

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Water Features, Koi Ponds, Waterfalls and Pond Maintenance

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